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SRV Construction has undertaken some amazing projects (large and small) throughout Washington. We provide customers with quality work, performed in a professional and prompt manner. Recently completed projects by SRV Construction include: earthwork and site development projects, street and highway improvements, public utility work, and lift stations and pump stations.

Experience with the latest construction trends provides us with an opportunity to offer value-engineering options. Our relationships with reputable subcontractors and vendors allow for successful project completion. Exceptional care is taken to provide safe environments for employees and existing structures.

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SRV Construction, Oak Harbor, WA
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  • Full-Time Employees: 20
  • Seasonal Employees: 50-80

  • Total Value of Construction in Place: over $100,000,000
  • Total Hours Worked: nearly 1,000,000 man-hours

  • Average Annual Revenue: $10 million to $15 million
  • Bonding Reference: Travelers Casualty and Surety Company of America

Our Foundation

The hard work, experience and dedication that our leadership has founded our company on has provided an outstanding foundation upon which the company has built and succeeded.

Our Reputation

Through our projects and clients, SRV Construction, Inc. has become known for our hard work, ability to deliver projects on schedule, and our innovative solutions for construction challenges.

New Developments

SRV Construction, Inc. is currently working with many land developers, building infrastructure for future businesses along the I-5 corridor as well a premier housing developments in neighboring cities.

Future Goals

While the construction industry has seen numerous changes over the years, the set of principles and values upon which we founded our company have not. These values combine dedication, hard work, a sense of family value, and quality workmanship, and are instilled in each of our employees.

We strive to recruit, retain and reward a quality workforce; establish enduring and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients; and to be a profitable company that provides economic stability for our people and our community.

With a sense of pride in our past, and an eye toward the future, we are committed to providing excellence in our work and building lasting relationships with those we do business with.

Management Team

© 2018 SRV Construction

SRV Construction recognizes the following highly skilled and dedicated leaders, for their contributions to our success:

Steve Verbarendse

  • President
  • 28 Years Experience

As company president, Steve manages the operations of all of the company's activities, and provides the leadership necessary to maintain SRV Construction as one of the leading construction companies in Western Washington. Steve works closely with project teams providing innovative solutions to project challenges.

Krysta Verbarendse

  • Corporate Secretary
  • 21 Years Experience

Krysta assists Steve with running the business side of the company. She is responsible for administering all contracts and all corporate administraction. She also oversees all accounts payable, receivables, and payroll.

John Snyder

  • Lead Superintendent
  • 23 Years Experience

John is responsible for all field operations for projects under construction. John's years of experience in both the public and private sectors well equip him to lead our field personnel through project completion.


© 2018 SRV Construction

At SRV Construction, we put safety first!

It is the policy of SRV Construction to protect the safety and health of our employees. Injuries and property loss from accidents are needless, costly, and preventable. Our company has established a safety and health program adapted to fundamental safety concepts that will help us prevent injury and loss due to recognized Hazards. Weekly site-specific safety meetings are held on-site and serve as maintenance to company policies, as well as education for our employees and helps keep a positive safety oriented work-site.

We pride ourselves on having a very low on-the-job incident rating and our company strives to maintain a positive and safe work environment for its employees. Currently SRV Construction has a Workers Compensation EMR rating of 0.75.

SRV Construction is committed to providing our employees with a safe work environment, and to having all our employees develop a culture of safety awareness. In order to meet this commitment, we have mandated several safety programs and policies that aid our employees in achieving these goals.

Recent Projects

SRV Construction, Oak Harbor, WA
SRV Construction, Oak Harbor, WA
SRV Construction, Oak Harbor, WA
SRV Construction, Oak Harbor, WA
Lift/Pump Stations
SRV Construction, Oak Harbor, WA